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A Family Law Attorney Guiding Grandparents Through The Adoption Process

Grandparents play an important role in families across Tennessee. They provide extra care, attention, and love to children and can step in to watch the kids when parents need a break. In some families, however, grandparents must take on an outsized role and become full-time caregivers because the parents cannot or will not continue to raise their kids.

If you are facing such a situation and it is likely to be permanent rather than temporary, it’s important to legally formalize your role through adoption. In Knoxville and surrounding areas, the firm to contact for help is the Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie. I am one of the area’s most experienced adoption attorneys, and I am deeply committed to advocating for children and the adults who love and care for them.

Your Situation May Be More Common Than You Think

There are many reasons why grandparents may want or need to step in and become de facto parents to their grandkids. This is especially true if there was only one biological parent in the picture to begin with. Some common reasons for grandparent adoption include:

  • The biological parent or parents have passed away
  • The parent or parents are incarcerated
  • Drug and alcohol addiction issues
  • Biological parent or parents cannot care for the kids due to ongoing mental or physical health issues
  • Abuse and neglect on the part of parents

I have encountered numerous cases in which a court orders grandparents to take custody of their grandchildren on an emergency basis. Then, as everyone adjusts to the new living situation, the grandparents decide that they should formalize it. No matter how you find yourself in a position to adopt, I want to help you seek legal protection for yourself and your grandkids and provide predictability and peace of mind for everyone.

Some Steps In The Adoption Process May Be Relaxed Or Omitted For Grandparents

In many adoption cases, the would-be parents must submit to inspections and a home study to ensure the environment is suitable. There are also waiting periods, which can be stressful. The good news is that as a grandparent looking to adopt your grandkids, both the home inspection and the waiting period may be deemed unnecessary.

If you already have an established and loving relationship with your grandkids, they are used to your home environment and the decision to adopt is uncontested, the adoption process can likely proceed quickly. Nonetheless, I will work with you from start to finish to ensure that no details are overlooked and there are no preventable problems or undue delays.

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