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What Rights Do Grandparents Have In Tennessee?

When considering the best interests and well-being of a child, family court judges in Tennessee almost always side with the parents. However, when the parents are absent, unwilling or unable to care for their children, it is often best for a grandparent to step in and take care of the child.

At Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie, I dedicate my practice in Knoxville to children across Tennessee. I believe in doing what is best for the children, and that includes standing up for grandparents’ rights.

Looking To Adopt Your Grandchild?

The best way for grandparents to secure their rights when it relates to their grandchildren is through adoption. If you have already been looking after your grandchild or their parents are not around to make the critical life decisions on their behalf, I can help you take the necessary steps to adopt them.

As a grandparent, you often don’t need to go through a home study or waiting period. If the adoption is agreed, it’s very simple and straightforward to complete with an attorney. My goal is to complete the adoption process quickly and completely, so you are in the best position to begin your next chapter.

I Help You Understand And Protect Your Rights

If you are not looking to adopt your grandchildren, there are very few rights you may have as a grandparent in regards to custody or visitation. However, when the well-being of the child is at stake, I do all I can to do what’s best for the child.

To discuss what rights you have as a grandparent and to explore what may be best for your grandchild, schedule a consultation with our compassionate family lawyers. Call 865-643-8626 to set up your appointment, or reach out to us online to get started.