We Put Your Family First

Whether it’s divorce or adoption, family law comes with an array of challenges. At Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie, we understand the frustration you may be feeling, and we’re here to help.

When you sit down with our attorneys, you get personal guidance and individualized strategies that are designed with your and your family’s best interests in mind. We listen to your needs and, work closely with you so you leave happy, secure and in the best position for the years to come.

About Our Practice

Your Legal Issues Are Our Concern

Family Law

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Focused On The Well-Being Of Your Child

While we always are sensitive to your rights as a parent, as family lawyers we believe the true measure of a success lies in the well-being of your children. Whether you are fighting for custody, negotiating child support terms or adopting a grandchild, we put the focus on the kids. As we help evaluate your options, we provide actionable feedback regarding Tennessee law and how it will impact your children so they are in the best position to prosper once your case is resolved.

An Easy Start For Your Family’s Next Chapter

Family law can be particularly complicated to navigate alone. Laws are always changing, and they vary from state to state. Something as simple as relocating can have a ripple effect on your family, complicating matters even further.

No matter the situation, our attorneys aim to make the law work for you and your family. Especially when you’re adopting, we believe the law should not stand in the way of your family’s happiness.

A Plan For Your Family’s Future Security

In addition to family law, we offer estate planning services meant to put you and your loved ones at ease in the future. By securing your health, your assets and your family, you can ensure you are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

We offer initial consultations to discuss the best path forward for you and your family. Call our office today at 865-643-8626, or reach out online to schedule your first appointment.