How to navigate the holiday season as a co-parent

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Co-parenting has its own set of challenges, but over the holidays, those challenges may feel as though they increase. Working with your co-parent during the holiday can create a more amicable and smooth season.

Likewise, when you work together, your children can make positive memories with you and your former spouse.

Create an advanced schedule

Over the holidays, Americans make about 15 billion trips per year. Naturally, you or your former spouse may want to travel and holiday travel means deciding whether the kids can go. In advance, work out specific dates and times for parent involvement. For example, if both of you want to take a trip to see extended family, plan on different dates and agree on which trips the children should be present for. You will have fewer last-minute conflicts when you have transparent expectations and a detailed schedule ahead of time.

Think about your child’s well-being first

All parenting plans should focus on the child’s well-being. During the holidays, create a schedule that prioritizes your child’s feelings and preferences. For instance, if your child values certain traditions with his or her other parent’s family, make an effort to ensure that he or she has an opportunity to participate.

Be flexible with one another

Even if you plan for everything, you may still encounter unforeseen circumstances. Be flexible and understanding with your partner. When you show a willingness to compromise, your former spouse may be more willing when you have unforeseen circumstances, too. Compromising and working together keeps the holidays moving smoothly.

Try to remain consistent in your traditions and plan gift-giving dates. If your children value traditions you held while married, try to keep those traditions as close as before. Likewise, consider creating new traditions for them to remember.