How to make parenting plan modifications easier

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Are you going through a divorce or separation and struggling to modify your parenting plan? Do you feel overwhelmed by the legal jargon and complex procedures?

Modifying a parenting plan can be a challenging experience, but in many cases, it is necessary. With the right guidance, you can simplify the process and make it stress-free.

Talking to your co-parent

If you and your spouse do not agree on the modifications, you may have to spend a lot of time in court and you will not be able to make changes until after the final hearing. However, if you and your ex can come to an agreement outside of the courtroom, you can expedite the process and the court will not have to make their own decision.

When discussing modifications with your co-parent, avoid using vague or ambiguous language that could lead to misunderstandings. Instead, clearly state your intentions and explain the reasons behind your proposed changes. Remember to be respectful and listen to your co-parent’s perspective as well.

Bringing the modifications to court

It is worth noting that even if you and your ex agree on the changes, the court can still make further inquiries. Be ready to show the court how the modifications are for your child’s best interest and that there was no coercion when coming to the agreement. From there, you and your ex can either change the current plan or establish a new permanent plan.

Remember that the modification process is an opportunity to create a better life for your family. Instead of dwelling on the past, focus on the future and stay positive.