3 ways for blended families to come together better

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People often remarry after divorce, and sometimes that involves bringing children from one marriage into a new marriage. Sometimes that means bringing children from two previous marriages together.

Divorce involving children becomes more complicated and that goes the same for remarrying a partner with children of their own. Understanding the hurdles ahead of time may help prepare for them when two families become one.

1. Communicate about routines

Children work through a lot of change when their parents divorce or remarry. It can be a lot for them to handle if it feels like everything is changing all at once. Parents should communicate with their future spouses about the old, normal routines. If there are any that work with the new blended family, they may offer some stability for children during the transition.

2. Remain patient with so many people

Parents have a lot of influence on a family but there are some things outside of their control. This may include teenagers struggling with the change to tensions between a spouse’s ex-spouse. There are options to vent or discuss issues, but it is important not to push so hard that things break.

3. Consider a prenuptial

Any divorced parent stepping into a new marriage understands what is at stake. When making the choice to blend families, there are ways to keep things clear and communicated. A prenuptial offers two parents to come together and establish key details over the new marriage. Each marriage is unique and there are resources and information available to help navigate legal documentation, like a prenuptial agreement.