How do finances relate to divorces?

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When going through a divorce, most couples will worry about their finances more than anything else.

Because of that, rumors often swirl around regarding how finances can impact divorce, especially in terms of the level of anger or vitriol in arguments. But how true are these rumors?

How wealth ties to divorce

Business Insider discusses how finances may not have as big of an impact on divorce as some people think.

However, it is impossible to proceed without acknowledging the fact that finances do have a relation to divorce in many ways. It is often one of the aspects of divorce that most couples stress about the most. Asset division ranks as the top part of divorce that couples do not look forward to.

How feelings tie to assets

At the same time, assets do not necessarily invoke the strong feelings that may spark arguments between a divorcing couple. Rather, some studies speculate that it is the sentiment behind the assets that can lead to arguments.

Wealthy couples with a net worth of over $5 million have more amiable divorces than any other wealth bracket. At the same time, couples who count as upper-middle class fight more than any other wealth bracket.

Despite the fact that both of these groups often get labeled as well-off by others, what causes the difference in arguments between the two?

These studies indicate that it all boils down to how a couple feels about their finances. Simply put, couples with more confidence in their assets will fight less, and wealthier couples tend to have this confidence.