How is joint custody beneficial?

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Over the years, numerous studies have come out with information about joint custody and its benefits.

These benefits primarily focus on children, but parents have some to gain, too.

Studies show joint custody helps children

A study by the National Library of Medicine follows both parents and children after settling on joint custody. Studies often focus on the impact on children, especially comparing children who experience joint custody to children that experience sole custody.

For example, studies show that joint custody children tend to build stronger relationships, with these skills lasting well into adulthood. The same goes for their coping mechanisms, which they start building at a young age.

Parental benefits of joint custody

As for parents, they often enjoy two primary benefits. First of all, they have someone else to share the burdens of parenting with.

As much as parenting brings joy to parents’ lives, it is also a lot of work. This is hard to manage even with two people, let alone one person attempting to do it all on their own when they also have to make money to keep food on the table.

In addition to having another person to share the tasks of parenting with, it also allows for both parents to continue fostering strong ties with their children. No parent wants to see their relationship with their child diminish or break over time. Joint custody serves as a great way for a parent to stay involved in their child’s life.

Thus, joint custody brings numerous benefits to both parents and children in divorce, making it a good option to consider.