2 ways to help kids adjust to a new adopted sibling

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When you make the decision to adopt a child in Tennessee, you may find that the entire family takes some time to adjust to your new familial situation. While adoption may prove tremendously rewarding, it may also prove challenging, particularly at the beginning. However, there are some steps you might take to help children you already have adjust to having a new child join the family.

Per Creating a Family, it may serve your family well if you take the following two steps to help existing children adapt to the adoption of a new sibling.

1. Set realistic expectations

Make sure your kids understand that things may not be rosy right off the bat. Your child’s new sibling may feel scared and anxious about entering a new home and may appear shy or standoffish as a result. You may also want to explain to your existing kids that their new adopted sibling needs some time to adjust to the rules in his or her new home.

2. Consider birth order

It is also important that you consider your new adopted child’s place in your family and how it affects those of your existing kids. For example, if the new sibling is going to be the youngest in the family, the current “baby” of the family may feel anxious about this new sibling taking over the role.

Keep in mind that this type of adjustment takes time, and your family may encounter a few bumps in the road. This is totally normal, and you and your children should anticipate as much.