Can you pick your child’s babysitter after your divorce?

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During your marriage, you and your husband or wife have worked together to tackle child-related matters. Even though you have decided to divorce your spouse, you see the benefits of sharing custody of your son or daughter. Still, during your non-parenting time, you are going to have to defer to your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s approach to raising your child.

According to Psychology Today, babysitters have a profound opportunity to influence children. If you do not care for your soon-to-be ex’s new love interest or relatives, you may worry he or she may ask someone you do not trust to babysit your son or daughter. Now may be the right time to take action.

Your custody agreement

You and your soon-to-be ex should devote significant time and attention to hammering out a custody agreement that works for everyone in your family. If you want to have some say in your ex’s choice of child care, you should not forget to address the matter in your custody agreement.

A first right of refusal

It is not uncommon for concerned parents to insert a first right of refusal into their custody agreements. With a first right of refusal, your ex has a legal obligation to invite you to babysit your son or daughter during your non-parenting time. Only after you refuse can your ex ask someone else to care for your child.

Your soon-to-be ex may be reluctant to include a first right of refusal in your custody agreement, so you should begin negotiations as soon as possible. Ultimately, an experienced attorney likely can help you come up with a provision that is acceptable to both you and your current spouse.