Do child support payments end when a child turns 18?

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If you are the parent of a teen and you owe child support or receive support from the other party, you might have a number of questions. For example, you could have questions about when child support obligations end.

Many people believe that child support automatically ends when a child reaches the age of 18, but it is important to understand that payments can continue for some time, even after a child turns 18.

Child support obligations after your child’s 18th birthday

According to the Tennessee Department of Human Services, parents have to keep making child support payments after their child reaches the age of 18 if their child is still enrolled in high school. These obligations remain in place until graduation. If you want to review your circumstances and information about your case, you can reach out to the child support office.

Make sure you stay current on child support

If you owe child support, you need to understand the potential repercussions that could arise if you fall behind on these obligations. In Tennessee, you could face a number of serious penalties, and enforcement actions could turn your life upside down. Sometimes, parents do not realize that they have to keep paying child support after their child turns 18, and this could lead to missing payments and severe consequences.

It is important to go over all of your options with respect to child support, whether the other parent is not paying what they owe or you currently face financial challenges and worry about your ability to keep paying on time.