When should you modify your parenting plan?

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Even after a divorce, you and your ex-spouse likely agree that your child’s best interests should be the highest priority. That is why a parenting plan is so important, but changing circumstances might necessitate modifications to your existing plan.

Tennessee parenting plans exist to provide much-needed structure to a child’s family life after a divorce. If a new dynamic would benefit your child’s well-being, then it may be time to modify your parenting plan.

When your child is ready to make mature decisions

Among the various things to address in your parenting plan, the main concern often comes down to which parent has the child and when. As your child grows, they may form their own opinion on which parent they prefer to live with. While a minor’s wish is just one of many factors that you and the court must consider, it is certainly a cause to open a dialogue on the matter.

When a parent’s personal situation changes

A comprehensive parenting plan accounts for living situations, conflict resolution and other important matters. When one parent experiences a significant change in their personal life, such as a loss in income or a traumatic event, it may alter their capacity to fulfill the terms of the plan.

Anytime your child may benefit from a change in your parenting plan, it is worth considering. Making modifications is simple when both parents are in mutual agreement. For more complex situations which may spur conflict, a family law attorney can help provide guidance on how to proceed.