Some essential concerns of adoption in Tennessee

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Adoption remains a hugely influential choice that can benefit a significant group of people. While the process involves many complex emotions, it also incorporates several legal requirements as well as a multitude of other factors.

Individuals and families should look at both the practical and the personal sides of adoption.

Eligibility requirements

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services states that the most stable, financially capable and loving homes make good candidates as adoptive parents. The most common practice for adoption involves foster parents who adopt their foster child. The requirements for adoptive parents include several basic factors:

  • Twenty-one years of age or older
  • A resident of Tennessee
  • Ability to work full-time
  • Ability to own a home or rent

Married, single or divorced individuals can qualify for adoption, as can those with or without other children. The prospective parents should have the ability to meet the financial and emotional needs of the adopted child.

Other important considerations

Personal issues play a large role in a successful adoption process. Adoptive parents should consider many complex matters:

  • The current state of their home life
  • The presence of a family or friend support system
  • The ability to handle the challenges of parenting
  • The ups and downs of the child’s emotional accessibility
  • The possibility of the child asking questions about his or her biological parents

Many other steps will follow for those who wish to pursue adoption. This includes a formal “home study” through a licensed child-placing agency. A required education and self-assessment process is also necessary. Tennessee KEY training explores communication styles and helps identify family strengths.