What grandparents should know about adopting their grandchildren

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Life doesn’t always turn out like you think it might. You may have been over the moon to discover you daughter was expecting a baby and you would be a grandparent soon. However, after the baby was born, your daughter had a relapse with her drug and alcohol addiction and now you find yourself raising your grandchild.

If you’ve been raising your grandchild for a while now, you may wonder about adopting them. Maybe you feel it would be the best solution in a difficult situation. However, what should grandparents know about adopting grandchildren? What advantages does it have other than keeping your grandchild in your family?

Tennessee adoption laws

Grandparents seeking to adopt grandchildren in Tennessee should understand the following about the state adoption laws:

  1. Grandparents with a living spouse must seek adoption jointly.
  2. Grandparents must have both their grandchild’s parents agree to relinquish their parental rights of their child or a court must terminate the parents’ parental rights.
  3. Grandparents must prove that both their grandchild’s biological parents are deceased if that’s the reason they are seeking adoption.
  4. Grandparents don’t have to meet the six-month Tennessee residency requirement to seek adoption if the grandchild is their natural relative.

Benefits of adopting a grandchild

Some of the benefits of adopting a grandchild, other than providing them long-term stability, include the following:

  • You will gain full legal rights to make medical decisions for your grandchildren.
  • Your grandchild may qualify for Social Security benefits or other insurance benefits.
  • Your grandchild will have more legal rights to your estate if you pass away suddenly.

Getting help with adoption

You will need to consult a family law attorney if you want to adopt your grandchild. An attorney can help ensure you follow the process correctly and ensure your adoption goes smoothly.

Sometimes, adopting your grandchild is the best choice. It can help you know you won’t lose custody of your grandchild down the road. It can give your grandchild peace of mind about their future. It can be the best solution and help you and your grandchild start a new chapter in your lives.