Do you need a reason to get divorced? 

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Divorce | 0 comments

People often talk about reasons for divorce, a conversation that is dominated by things like infidelity, abuse, financial concerns and getting married too young. They point out that divorce can happen for many reasons and that it’s different for all couples. 

All of this is true, but do you actually need to have a reason at all? Can you get a divorce without justifying your rationale for ending your marriage?

No-fault divorce makes things much easier

With no-fault divorce laws, a divorce is always an option. Neither party has to be “at fault” for the breakdown in your relationship. It’s enough to say that you are incompatible — for whatever reason.

This may sound obvious to a younger audience, a group that often assumes they can come and go as they please in their relationships. While that is true now, older couples may remember that things used to be far more restrictive and divorce was harder to obtain. These hurdles have now been removed because no one should have to feel trapped in a marriage that makes them unhappy just because they can’t point to a clear and obvious reason why they’re unhappy. Modern couples have the freedom to divorce if they so choose. 

Getting started on your divorce

Whether you have a clear reason or not for wanting out of your marriage, divorce can grow complicated and the process may be confusing. Our firm can help answer your questions as you get started. Understanding your rights where property, support and custody are concerned is an essential part of the divorce process and can help you make better decisions about your future.