Fostering to adopt: A faster way to bring your child home

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Did you know that there are over 400 children eligible for adoption in Tennessee right now, according to statistics from Oct. 13? Adoptions are a great way to grow your family, and there are hundreds of children waiting for good homes to go to in the state right now.

One of the methods that you can choose to use to adopt is fostering. Foster care places a child into your home. The goal is usually for that child to go back to their original family, but if they cannot, then they may be able to be adopted. At that point, you would have the option to adopt them, bringing them into your family permanently.

Foster care has its benefits. You’ll have time with a child to see how they fit in with your family. You’ll learn more about them and about their challenges. You’ll also have a taste of what it’s like to adopt, so if you do decide not to do so, you don’t have to once the foster period ends. On the other hand, fostering is a fantastic way to adopt a child without the high costs associated with interstate or international adoptions.

Fostering to adopt is also one of the fastest ways to adopt. You can usually be approved to adopt within six to eight months. Then, licensing takes two months. Matching begins after that. Before you’ll be able to adopt, you must foster a child for at least six months in your home.

Fostering isn’t right for everyone, but if you’re interested, your attorney can help you start the process and begin your journey toward adoption.