How can you receive more parenting time?

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When you and your former spouse agreed upon a parenting plan during your divorce, it may have put you at a disadvantage. You may have felt fine about your spouse having primary residential responsibility. Yet, now you may want a greater share of parenting time than you received. By understanding Tennessee’s parenting plan laws, you can take steps toward spending more time with your children.

Tennessee’s parenting plan laws

By Tennessee law, if you want more parenting time, you must request a modification to your parenting plan through the court system. When making your request, you must prove material changes in circumstance have occurred since your plan took effect. Factors that could affect it include:

  • A change in the time you are available to spend with your children
  • A change in your children’s schedules that deviates from your parenting plan
  • A change in how you exchange your children with your former spouse
  • A change in your relationship with your children as they age
  • The potential benefit to your children’s well-being by spending more time with you

Making changes to your plan

You and your former spouse may be on amicable terms. And you two may agree that you deserve more parenting time. If so, you two can submit a modified parenting plan reflecting your request for court approval. Yet, your relationship with your former spouse may be contentious. In this case, you will likely attend a mediation session with them to work out the specifics of your proposal. So long as you reach an agreement, you can then submit your request for modification.

Increasing your parenting time is not too difficult, so long as you have sound reasons for doing so. Consulting with an attorney can help you find a way to play a more significant role in your children’s lives.