How can I ensure my children have a happy childhood after divorce?

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Many couples who get divorced today are also the children of divorce who fear what the end of their marriage may mean for their children. Back when your parents went through the process, it was a time when divorce was a newer concept. Divorce laws in Tennessee were not as family-friendly like they are today. The courts have learned a lot about how to handle divorce since then. Today, divorce does not have to be contentious and anger-fueled. With a calm and collected approach, you can help make sure that your children do not suffer the way that you did when your parents’ ended their marriage.

Parents Magazine explains that the courts help a lot more with ensuring your family unit does not suffer after a divorce. Many of the laws in place encourage working together with your former spouse to raise your children in a collaborative way. Instead of having the custodial parent who is with the children the majority of the time and the other parent who only sees them every other weekend, new custody arrangements tend to help parents be more involved and see their children as often as possible.

Having both of their parents in their lives in an active way will really help to ensure your children live a happy childhood. You have to work to make life very similar to how it was before the divorce. This also means keeping open communication channels with your ex so you can co-parent effectively.

You also need to let your kids be kids. They should not feel like they cannot reach out to the other parent. They should not feel caught between the two of you. Never talk badly about the other parent in front of your children. Encourage a good relationship between your ex and the children. This information is for education and is not legal advice.