What is an advance directive?

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There are many aspects to an estate plan. You have a wide range of options and documents you can include in your plan in Tennessee. Many of these do not even relate to your estate after your death. Instead, they dictate your wishes about what would happen if you were still alive but unable to handle your own affairs. One such document is an advance directive, which the Commission on Aging & Disability explains is the same as a living will.

You used to complete a living will to explain what you would want to happen as far as your medical treatment if you were to be unable to voice those decisions yourself. The advance directive replaced that. It includes more details and allows you to be more precise about what you want to happen. It also lets you appoint a health care agent. This is the person who makes decisions for you and acts on your behalf if you are not able to do so. You can make decisions in the document about treatment options as well.

Creating an advance directive requires you to learn about your options, particularly those for end-of-life care. You need to figure out what care you want. Finally, you need to share that information with your family or friends. You should also talk about your wishes with your doctor. You want to let everyone know what your plan is even though you will have it in a written and legal form. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.