5 ways to prepare a home and family for adoption

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When Kentucky couples make the decision to adopt, there are many steps to be completed before a baby is placed in the home. Family members and prospective parents can prepare both emotionally, physically and financially before they even know a baby is coming so the transition is smooth and happy as it should be.

  1. According to American Adoptions, couples should first make sure they meet the state’s adoption requirements. Some agencies will make exceptions even if they do not meet the requirements, but it is a good idea to triple check before applying.
  1. Couples should create an adoption support system, deciding who is told about the adoption decision and how to best educate loved ones about the process. If there are other children in the home, they need to be prepared to add a new brother or sister to their house suddenly. There may also be local adoptive family support groups, both locally and online, to help parents adjust successfully.
  1. Next, Adoption.org suggests that couples prepare the home for a home study. This is the time when a social worker or other professional comes into the home to assess if the home and family meet licensing requirements and if there is enough space to add another child.
  1. Families should also consider the monetary costs and how they plan to pay for them. Before even deciding to adopt, it is a good idea to research adoption costs and start setting aside money to pay for the adoption. There may also be adoption grants and loans available in certain areas.
  1. Finally, it is time to prepare for the new child. Create a designated space or room for them. Purchase the necessities such as clothing, diapers and bottles. Couples should be prepared to travel quickly as the baby’s due date approaches.