Negotiating for a successful divorce

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When people in Tennessee decide to divorce, they may fear the potential fallout of ending their marriage. When people think of divorce, the first thing that comes to mind may be a bitter court battle. However, many people are able to achieve a resolution of their issues at a lower cost and in a shorter time. While the legal, financial and emotional consequences of divorce are always significant, the behavior of both participants in the separation can make a major difference in how people emerge from an unhappy marriage.

Collaborative divorce techniques can help divorcing spouses and their attorneys work together to reach a negotiated solution. People can move ahead from seeking to “win” the divorce to working toward a suitable resolution. This can be particularly important for people with children since both spouses will need to continue a co-parenting relationship long after the marriage is over. By reviewing the history of how both spouses related to each other while married, people can stay alert for potential pitfalls that could arise during divorce negotiations. Issues that were sensitive during the marriage can also be sensitive after. Some of these may be occasions when it is better to let attorneys take the lead in the negotiations.

It may be apparent during the negotiations when a conversation may be triggering for one spouse. Divorcing spouses often know each other very well, and it may be tempting to push further when signs of anger are recognized. However, this can be an occasion to pull back and take a break before returning later.

People who are concerned about the potential effects of divorce may consult with a family law attorney for advice and representation. A lawyer may help a divorcing spouse work to achieve a fair settlement on issues like property division and child custody.