Is your ex rushing you to sign divorce papers?

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If you are going through a divorce, it is clearly an emotionally trying time in which you may not feel as strong or clear-headed as you would under normal circumstances. The emotional, psychological and financial fallout of a divorce is intense and continuous as you go through the process.

One thing that some spouses face when going through their divorce is that the opposing counsel tries to strong-arm them into signing divorce documents. This is a dangerous area for you to fall into, especially if your spouse’s attorney insists that you must sign quickly without allowing any other attorneys to review the documents. Read on for some more information about why it can be risky to sign divorce papers without proper legal assistance.

Being rushed into signing

One tactic that some divorce lawyers may use to try to get you to cooperate with your spouse’s demands is to insist that you should simply sign off on the divorce papers so everything can quickly move forward. Keep in mind that when you sign legal documents, the agreements you are signing to are of course legally binding. Not only should you be fully aware of what you are signing, but you should also understand the possible repercussions on you and your children as you face your post-divorce future. Getting a second opinion on divorce documents, according to a HuffPost writer, should be akin to getting a second opinion on a medical diagnosis.

If you are not sure, do not rush

Be particularly careful if you feel rushed into signing documents that you have not fully read or do not completely understand from a legal perspective. You must have a firm grasp of how your future will pan out under whatever terms are set forth in the papers you sign. Divorce can bring on heightened emotions that can cloud judgment.

If you have any doubts about the papers that your spouse’s lawyer is saying you have to sign, do not succumb to the pressure. It is best for you to seek legal counsel of your own and get a professional opinion before committing your signature to paper. Remember that this is your future, and you need to protect your interests.