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January 2018 Archives

In a dangerous situation, protection of kids comes first

Abuse, in all of its tragic forms, can be difficult to discuss. After all, it is often a challenging subject to bring to attention, and many would rather not converse on issues and thus tear open the wounds. In a family setting, abuse can become all the harder to combat -- especially since some children are too young to vocalize an ongoing issue. Despite the ambiguity of some cases, Tennessee has a wide range of resources one can look to during times of need.

When grandparents step up to the plate

In times of family needs, it is common for grandparents to take the wheel. This is often the case for many Tennessee parents who find they cannot provide the best care for a child. One factor of grandparent adoption that has come into nationwide focus is that of the opioid crisis; when an addiction enters the picture, this process can become all the more excruciating.

Overcoming addiction to win back child custody

You love your child and want to provide a good, stable home for them. As much as you want to help your child grow and succeed, addiction is a monster you just can't seem to escape. A judge decided you were "unfit" and denied guardianship or custody rights to protect your child, but this doesn't mean you can't earn them back.

Divorce and dealing with it

Tennessee parents, like parents everywhere, experience plenty of guilt during a divorce; it comes hand-in-hand with second-guessing yourself. "Am I making the right decision?" "Will I regret this?" "How is this going to affect my kids?" The guilt can be crippling. The team at the Bodie Law Office understands that divorce is never an easy decision to make, and when children are involved, the decision is even tougher. We have guided many clients through this difficult journey.

Why is gray divorce so bad?

Regardless of your age, if you are one of the married people in Tennessee, you know that marriage is rarely easy. Many people find ways to make their marriages work and even be fulfilling and positive parts of their lives. Others, however, end up making the choice to get divorced. The emotional and financial losses associated with the end of a marriage can be felt by any divorcing spouse but when you are at an age where retirement is nigh, you might evaluate the financial aspect of your divorce differently than if you were 20 years younger.

Divorcing your Valentine? Take these three steps

Valentine's Day is not always about romance. If you are dealing with a declining marriage and even the thought of this lovey-dovey holiday makes you cringe, it is not just you. In fact, CNN Money reports that there is a substantial spike in divorce filings the day after Valentine's Day. It is a day that causes many couples to realize they are not happy with their marriages.

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