The divorce season

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While many people in Tennessee spend the holiday season seemingly in the throes of constant joy and love with their family and friends, others struggle through the pain of marriages that may be falling apart. For some, the holidays may provide one last opportunity for a couple to try and correct the problems in their marriage and get a fresh start. Still others make the decision to keep their family together during the holidays for the sake of their children and maybe even extended family members knowing that they will pursue their divorce options after New Year’s.

According to CNBC, a study conducted by the University of Washington shows that once the holidays are over, there is a marked rise in the number of divorce filings around the nation. This increase actually continues all the way through the first quarter of the year. The desire to avoid the onslaught of questions and turmoil during holiday celebrations by announcing a divorce in December may well contribute to this reality.

This spike at the start of the year has led January to be called “Divorce Month” by many says CNN. However, while certainly there are more couples filing for divorce in January compared to in December, it seems that January is more often the time in which couples are re-evaluating their options and planning how or when to get divorced if they end up doing so.

People may talk with a lawyer in January to learn more about what a divorce might entail. They then take some time to review that and either put a plan into action filing sometime before March or perhaps choose not to get divorced.