Important differences between private and public adoption

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Knoxville parents who want to expand their family through adoption will have two options available. The first is private adoption, and the second is public adoption. Both have their own potential benefits, and both can be suited for different families and lifestyles.

The Spruce states that public adoption agencies get their funding from state, federal, or local governments. In these institutions, the age range of the children can vary greatly from newborns all the way up to 17 year olds. The children who arrive in this system have usually been removed from their parent’s care, though it’s also possible for the parents to have relinquished their rights voluntarily. In the event that the child cannot be reunited with their birth family, which is often the ultimate goal, then a new family will be looked for. The child will go through the foster care system and parents who foster the child will also have the chance to adopt them.

AdoptHelp shows that the private adoption process, on the other hand, is quite different and doesn’t involve the foster system at all. This option is much more expensive but is the preferred method for couples seeking to adopt newborns, generally speaking. Additionally, the birth mother gives up her rights voluntarily in every case so there’s less uncertainty that parental rights may be fought for someday. There is also still the option to maintain contact between the child and birth mother to varying degrees, which is a big benefit to some.

All adoption routes will eventually help a child in need. The ultimate decision that a parent makes will depend on what they’re looking for out of their adoption, but either method can help a person to complete their family.