What should you know about child custody?

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Divorcing parents in Knoxville not only have to worry about settling financial situations, but they also have to deal with child support, custody, and more. At the Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie, your questions about child custody disputes will be answered fully as we help you walk down this difficult path.

In a divorce case involving child custody, someone is bound to end up feeling like they get the “lesser end” of the deal if you decide to go with an unequal division of time. Whoever doesn’t have primary custody may feel left out of their child’s life, or may think the financial burden they shoulder isn’t equivalent to the amount of time they’re allowed to spend with the child.

On the other hand, this division may work best for certain families or situations. One parent may work too far away, or your spouse may be abusive. Distance could be better for you.

Joint custody is also an option. This can allow you and your ex-spouse to split your time with your child more evenly, allowing them to bond with both parents and easing some fears of distance, detachment, and so on.

Above all, when dealing with child custody cases, your child should come first. When making decisions, their happiness, health, and future opportunities should be the first things taken into consideration. Even their opinion about their living situation should be considered. Take a look at our web site for more information regarding the legal process of determining child custody, and what you may need to prepare for.