Open adoption considerations to think about

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Open adoptions are a way that birth parents can still have contact with a child whom they had to put up for adoption. There are several things to think about if you are a potential adoptive parent when it comes to open adoptions.

It is imperative that you have at least a basic understanding of these adoptions if you are going to pursue one. Think carefully about these points before you make your final decision.

Customized involvement with the birth parents

You can tailor the involvement of the birth parents in the child’s life when you are in an open adoption. In most cases, the decisions about how and when the birth parents are going to be involved in the child’s life are made prior to the adoption taking place. You and the birth parents might negotiate what is going to happen when the baby is born and in the days following the birth, which includes the period the newborn is in the hospital. One special consideration in this case is to think about whether you want the birth mother to consider pumping breast milk for the child or not. Of course, this is only applicable if the birth mother is willing to do this.

The involvement can change over time

Just because you and the birth parents agree on the involvement of the birth parents doesn’t mean that you will have to stand by that agreement forever. Instead, the agreement can change over time. Typically, adoptive parents have the right to tailor their agreement based on what is best for the child. In almost all cases, birth parents don’t have anything that they can do if the adoptive parents choose to stop interactions between the birth parents and the child. This is true even if the involvement agreement is in the adoption paperwork.

Nothing is set until the adoption is final

No part of the adoption agreement is finalized until the adoption is completed. There are some instances in which the birth parents might change their minds about the adoption. In this case, there isn’t anything you can do. It is important to remember this.

You have to make sure that you have your own interests protected as you explore adoption possibilities. Make sure that you understand the process and what it entails so that you can go into the process ready to face all contingencies ahead.