What should you do if your child has been abducted?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Child Custody | 0 comments

It’s a scenario no parent in Knoxville ever wants to consider, but it’s one that happens anyway. At the Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie, we work to bring you information about what you can do if the terrifying possibility of a custody-related child kidnapping occurs.

Finding the child is the first hurdle, though. Fortunately, you may have a good idea of where your child has been taken simply because of the knowledge you have regarding your ex-spouse. Oftentimes, authorities will use information you can provide to help track your child down. This period of time can certainly be stressful, especially if you are entertaining fears of never seeing your child again. Unfortunately, the battle doesn’t end once you have located your child, either. 

Enforcement of parental rights can be one of the most difficult things, especially if your ex-spouse has taken your child across state or even country borders. Then, not only will you have to deal with local law about child custody, but you will have to deal with the laws of other states or even other nations. This can get incredibly tricky very quickly, and makes it important for you to know how to traverse legal waters in both your “own backyard”, so to say, as well as in other locations.

Working against the clock can be scary, but having the right knowledge and information under your belt can make a world of difference. If you would like to read more about what you can do in the case of a potential abduction, head over to our web page to take a look around.