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April 2017 Archives

What are some benefits of successful co-parenting?

Do you have a child to care for post-divorce? Are you wondering how to raise your child when separated from their other parent? Many divorced couples in Knoxville face this problem. Co-parenting can be difficult in many situations, especially if the divorce didn't proceed as smoothly as it could have. However, successful co-parenting could be the key to your child's happiness in the future.

What role does negotiation play in child custody cases?

As a parent in Knoxville who is dealing with a child custody battle, negotiation may be the last thing on your mind. However, at the Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie, information will be provided regarding the importance of negotiation which may give you more to think about.

How QDROs work in a divorce

Many Tennessee residents these days find themselves faced with the possibility of splitting retirement account assets when getting divorced. Even though such accounts are held in one spouse's name only, Forbes reminds people that these assets are very commonly considered part of a marital estate.

The importance of support for a single adopting parent

Single men or women in Knoxville may not have any desire to get married, but they may still wish to raise a child. While single-parent adoption is in fact an option that is available for single parents to consider, there are a number of other facets that the prospective parent needs to take into consideration as well.

4 questions to consider when choosing open adoption

One of the questions that comes up when you decide to adopt a child is what type of adoption you will consider. Some birth parents will only work with adoptive parents who want to be part of an open adoption. These adoptions are becoming more common than they were in the past, but that doesn't mean they are appropriate in every case. It is important that you consider these four questions if you are considering an open adoption to add a child to your family.


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