Strategies to make it through the adoption process

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Adopting a child can be one of the most joyous and fulfilling experiences of your life. It can also be overwhelming, impossibly complicated, extremely time-consuming, and downright scary. You will be subjected to a home study, an intense background check and fingerprinting. However, in the end, once the long process and endless wait is over, you will finally be able to bring the newest member of your family home.

The legal aspects of adoption can be very complicated. Your best resource is a Tennessee family law attorney with experience in adoptions. Even with legal help to take you through the process systematically, it is important to have strategies in place help you deal with stress and challenges of getting through the adoption process.

Patience is a virtue

Adoption can often be a waiting game. Some families can wait years for the right match. Do not spend time dwelling on the long wait. Find things to do to keep you and your family busy. Spend your time doing all those things you will no longer have time for when your new child arrives.

Do your research

If you are not adopting a newborn, keep in mind that your child had a life before becoming part of yours. Take the time to talk with the foster parents or the birth parents if possible, to find out about your child’s life. Understanding the challenges and hardships he or she faced will help you make the adjustment process easier for your child. It will also help you form a stronger bond with your child.

Keep it simple

When setting up your child’s new room, keep it simple so that it is not overstimulating. The room should be calming and comfortable. After your child becomes more comfortable with new environment, you can slowly introduce more toys, color, and other objects into the room.

Have a support system

Adopting a child is going to bring new challenges into your life, including scheduling issues. Involve your friends and family so that you have a strong support system to turn to in times of complications and stress. Join a group that includes other adoptive families so that you can share your experiences and learn from theirs.

Give yourself a break

Whether this is your first child or third, increasing the size of your family always comes with unique challenges. Do not expect to do everything perfect every time. Making mistakes is part of the learning and adjustment process. Go easy on yourself and if you need an afternoon off, take it. Grandma will love to spend some extra time with her new grandchild.

Adoption is a very complicated process that takes time and patience. In order to understand the process and what you can expect during it, it is important to speak to people experienced with adoption procedures.