Know your parental rights before filing for your child’s custody

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Getting together with your significant other and starting a family are some of the fondest memories for many people. Unfortunately, sometimes these memories do not end up being the continuous source of joy we thought they would be. Children make the decision to part ways for couples even more difficult.  Leaving your loved one isn’t easy, but sometimes it is what you need to do to continue living your life with the happiness you want for yourself and your child.

In Tennessee, like in any other state, the best interests of the child is the key concern when it comes to deciding custody. It is always better for all parties involved to amicably settle custody of a child, however, if that doesn’t happen, a court can help you settle your custody dispute.

Custody laws are not the same for unmarried couples as they are for married couples. In case the couple is unmarried, the mother gets both physical and financial custody of the child. If the father wants visitation or any custody of the child, he must prove paternity through a court order signed by a judge, which is often obtained after a DNA test. If the couple is married, both parents have initial custody of the child. However, when evaluating the best interests of the child, the court can grant either parent full or partial custody. In case, one parent has a history of abusive behavior, the court may only grant supervised visitation or no visitation at all.

Custody of a child is a life-changing decision for both the parents and the child. While deciding custody, it is important to consider all options available. To make this crucial commitment, consider hiring an experienced attorney who can help you present your case and also guide you to make the decision that is best suited for both you and your child.