Single adults are welcome to adopt in Tennessee

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You always wanted children. You assumed that eventually you would meet the right man, get married and have a couple of children to raise together. Years into your professional career and still single, you’re now faced with the reality that your ability to have a child of your own has ended. You may experience heartbreak, ennui or intense longing for motherhood. Thankfully, while you can’t experience pregnancy anymore, adoption offers real potential for fulfilling your dreams of motherhood. Right now is an excellent time to speak with an attorney about domestic adoption.

Dismantling myths about adoption

Many people falsely believe that only heterosexual, married couples can legally adopt a non-related child in the state of Tennessee. Others believe that adoption is inherently expensive and can take years. That may be the case for families wishing to adopt an infant at birth. There are hundreds of children in foster care and group homes waiting with dreams of belonging to a family. It could be your family.

In the state of Tennessee, single or divorced women can adopt children, just as married couples can adopt. If you are willing to adopt an older child or a child with special needs, it can be a fast process.

Foster care adoptions are the simplest, most affordable route

For many would-be adoptive parents, the quickest and simplest path to legal adoption is to open their home to foster children. It can be a nerve-wracking prospect to take in an older child, but they need homes, stability and guidance as much, if not more than, infants. You don’t need to be rich or even own your own home. You can become a foster parent while renting, so long as you can provide for the financial needs of your foster children. From there, with the help of an experienced family law attorney, you can take steps to legally adopt your foster children.

Depending on the children’s needs, you may be able to adopt a pair or group of siblings at the same time. You may qualify for aid from the state to provide for the children’s education and other needs. Instead of waiting for months or years to find an infant for adoption, you can open your home to children who are already in desperate need of a loving home.

A family law attorney can help you prepare

While it isn’t overly complicated to become a foster parent, working with an attorney who understands family and adoption laws in Tennessee can increase your odds of success. Don’t give up on your dream of motherhood! Speak with an experienced family law attorney who can help you through the process of becoming a foster parent and then adopting from foster care.