Family law complexities can be managed with the right help

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Family life is special. The love that fosters family is something worth celebrating, but it isn’t always a joyous hayride. When the road gets bumpy, the laws of Tennessee are in place to try to help get us through.

That said the code covering the many issues that can surface under the family law heading are as diverse as are the families they are intended to assist. The balance of individual rights, family and state interests often make things complicated. Consulting a skilled attorney can help.

The breadth of matters that Tennessee law seeks to cover offers all you need to appreciate the challenges that can arise. Marriage; divorce; parental rights related to child support and custody for couples (married or not); adoption; grandparent rights; domestic protection orders and abortion rights. Sections of the code deal with each of these issues.

There is even a whole section devoted to parent-child relations when one or both of the parents serve in the military and face deployment or are deployed. Considering that there are also federal laws related to these types of situations, it becomes easy to see how navigating the legal waters can become difficult and frustrating.

At the Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie, we are zealous about helping children and parents plot courses through the system with the aim of easing the emotional challenges of family law. In our practice, we are dedicated to standing by our clients, providing a steady, reasonable hand at the helm and focusing on achieving what is best for the well-being of family members.

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