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When grandparents step up to the plate

In times of family needs, it is common for grandparents to take the wheel. This is often the case for many Tennessee parents who find they cannot provide the best care for a child. One factor of grandparent adoption that has come into nationwide focus is that of the opioid crisis; when an addiction enters the picture, this process can become all the more excruciating.

Can a birth mother revoke consent to adoption?

You may have seen a TV program or movie with a heartbreaking scene of a child being wrenched from the bosom of an adoptive family. The reason? The birth mother, father or both changed their mind. That is Hollywood fiction. In Tennessee, the reality is much different. If you are considering adopting a child, you should know that adoption laws in most cases prevent scenes of this kind from happening through the process of terminating parental rights.

Adopting older children in Tennessee

Welcoming a new member into the family is, needless to say, an exciting time. Yet depending on the age of the adopted child, adjusting to new surroundings, family members and lifestyles can bring about much confusion. Most parents are aware of this fact and welcome it along with the adoption process, acknowledging that a smooth routine simply takes time. However, some Tennessee parents find it harder to help a new child adapt to a new -- and often overwhelming -- environment. 

Adopting a foster child

If you have ever known someone who has acted as a foster parent for a child in Tennessee, you know the truly special gift that they give to the child. At the same time, foster parents often indicate that they receive much from their foster children as well. Many people actually end up adopting from within the foster care system. In some cases, adoptive families may have actually fostered the child before legally adopting the child.

Adopting in Tennessee: An overview

If you live in Tennessee and are considering adopting a child currently under the guardianship of the state, you may understandably have questions about the process involved in doing so. At the Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie, we have a comprehensive understanding of how adoption works in the state, and we have helped many prospective parents navigate the sometimes-complicated process of adopting a child.

What are the adoption criteria in Tennessee?

If you are a Tennessee resident thinking about adopting a child, you will be glad to know that the criteria are fairly simple. For instance, you can be single, married or divorced and you do not need to own your own home. You can be working full time and you may or may not already have children. The only real criteria are that you be at least 21 years of age, a resident of the State of Tennessee and able to meet the financial and emotional needs of your existing and potential family.

Important differences between private and public adoption

Knoxville parents who want to expand their family through adoption will have two options available. The first is private adoption, and the second is public adoption. Both have their own potential benefits, and both can be suited for different families and lifestyles.

Foster parents need resources

Foster child adoption and private or agency adoption are similar under Tennessee law, but the circumstances and events surrounding the adoption of children in foster care often present unique challenges. According to a recent Huffington Post article, many states, including Tennessee, show an increase in the number of children who need foster care. The rise in need may correlate with the opioid epidemic. The report showed that nationally a large number of foster parents often decide they no longer want to participate in foster programs. Some complain of inadequate training and instruction in connection with foster care. Others simply describe circumstances that are too difficult for them to manage.

Appellate court ruling keeps girl with adoptive family

Those in Knoxville that are familiar with Kenutcky's foster care system and the adoption process as a whole likely know that it is anything but simple. Ultimately, however, those participating in it hold out the hope that the circumstances will align to allow kids that need homes to be adopted by loving families looking to take them in. Yet even in some rare cases, an adoption may not signal the end of this process. A number of different issues may arise that can cause family courts to reopen cases and potentially remove children from the homes they have come to accept as their own.

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