DCS praises Forever Homes Act

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Adoption is a complex process of waiting periods and paperwork. Any adoptive parents wishing to bring a child into their family have to prove through the application process that they have the resources to support a child. After the approval, it takes months of providing as foster parents before the adoption truly becomes final.

Thanks to a recent act signed by Tennessee’s governor, adoptive parents may have to wait less time.

Signing the Forever Homes Act

According to the Knoxville Daily Sun, the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services praised the new act as a strong first step to making the adoption process smoother, faster and more affordable for families across the state.

The main thrust of the act allows for a judicial review that may waive a portion of the adoption finalization process. This would reduce the usual six-month period to three months.

The Forever Homes Act met with bipartisan support and the DCS made sure to comment that it offers programs that provide financial assistance for children up to age 12.

Adopting in Tennessee

The state has a few requirements for adopters:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a Tennessee resident for at least six months
  • Must have the financial and emotional means to provide for a family

Tennessee adoption laws focus mainly on the well-being of the adoptee and marital status does not restrict prospective adopters. For those considering adoption, there are resources available to help with documentation and application while navigating the process of adding to your family.