How health issues may affect the adoption process

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An international adoption agency may require United States citizens to pass a medical exam before becoming adoptive parents. The agency may need to determine hopeful parents’ suitability for adoption based on the standards of the country the child currently lives in. notes that some nations may not allow individuals with disabilities or mental health issues to adopt. Candidates may need to show a record of their prescriptions to prove they are not taking medicine to treat a psychiatric condition. In countries with strict criteria, individuals with obesity or a high body mass index may not pass the adoption process.

Domestic adoptions and hopeful parents with disabilities

Children in the U.S. may find potential parents through adoption even if the adults have health conditions or disabilities. A doctor’s letter, for example, may explain that an individual is receiving regular treatment and is suitable for parenting.

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination. Public agencies funded by the government may not deny individuals with disabilities the right to adopt. As noted by the U.S. Department of Justice, physically and mentally disabled individuals must have equal opportunities to become parents. Child welfare agencies may not turn away prospective parents because of their disabilities when they could offer comfortable homes.

Tennessee residents with health conditions

According to, the home study process in Tennessee conducted by a state-licensed agency includes an assessment of a potential parent’s health. Individuals generally need to show that they are healthy enough to raise children and that their homes promote a healthy environment. A medical assessment may include questions about why an individual is childless.

Before taking steps to begin the adoption process, prospective parents may wish to consider getting a medical checkup. Resolving undiscovered health issues could help pass an agency’s fitness and background check.