Why a collaborative divorce may cost less than a traditional one

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Not every Tennessee marriage that ends in divorce does so because someone cheated or otherwise broke the trust of their one-time partner. Sometimes, marriage end simply because you and your former partner fall out of love. If your marriage is ending and the relationship between you and your spouse is relatively amicable, you may both be able to save big by considering a collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce has you and your ex work together to sort through the same matters you would in a litigated courtroom divorce, but in a collaborative setting. For example, you may need to work through asset division, child custody matters and child support considerations, among other areas. How might this type of divorce save you both money?

By cutting legal costs

A collaborative divorce is less adversarial than a courtroom divorce, and this may help you save. Rather than fight over everything possible, collaborative divorce has you work together to end the marriage, rather than have each of you spend considerable money paying your own attorneys to bicker over every last asset.

By helping preserve your relationship

You may not want to be close friends with your ex after a divorce. However, if you have kids together, you may not want to be at each other’s throats, either. A collaborative divorce may be less contentious than a courtroom one, helping the relationship between you and your ex, post-divorce, remain civil. This may help save time and money in the event that you need to change child custody, support or alimony sometime down the line.

Collaborative divorce may not work in all situations. However, if you think you and your ex may be able to end your marriage using this method, it may benefit you both, and any children you share, for years to come.