How can I overcome co-parenting obstacles?

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When it comes to custody disputes, most courts prefer both parents to play a role in the life of their child. Creating a reasonable co-parenting agreement is crucial in this case, especially if you and your ex are still healing after a contentious divorce. Very Well Family explains how you can successfully overcome common co-parenting hurdles with your ex-spouse.

Create a schedule

Having a schedule in place will prevent last-minute decisions and stress. It also provides your children routines, which kids need to feel safe and secure. When devising your schedule, keep the best interests of your kids at the center of all discussions. Create an outline that covers day-to-day, but also think about how you’d like to handle holidays and vacations. Having these discussions now will save you a lot of stress down the road.

Be flexible when possible

Of course, there will come a time when it’s necessary to deviate from your pre-established schedule. When this occurs, be sure to provide your ex with as much notice as possible given the situation. Also, be gracious if the same thing happens to you, provided it’s not a regular occurrence. If the schedule should be revamped, such as when your kids get a little older and start setting out on their own, be willing to sit down with your former partner and discuss possible changes.

Establish boundaries

There are some issues that will be outside of your control, and it’s important that you and your ex establish clear boundaries at the outset. While it can be disheartening to learn your ex is dating, that doesn’t mean you can make demands regarding that person’s contact with your kids. Instead, communicate with your ex that you only have your children’s best interests in mind and remain civil and reasonable even when faced with an unpleasant situation.