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Can a birth mother revoke consent to adoption?

You may have seen a TV program or movie with a heartbreaking scene of a child being wrenched from the bosom of an adoptive family. The reason? The birth mother, father or both changed their mind. That is Hollywood fiction. In Tennessee, the reality is much different. If you are considering adopting a child, you should know that adoption laws in most cases prevent scenes of this kind from happening through the process of terminating parental rights.

The divorce season

While many people in Tennessee spend the holiday season seemingly in the throes of constant joy and love with their family and friends, others struggle through the pain of marriages that may be falling apart. For some, the holidays may provide one last opportunity for a couple to try and correct the problems in their marriage and get a fresh start. Still others make the decision to keep their family together during the holidays for the sake of their children and maybe even extended family members knowing that they will pursue their divorce options after New Year's.

Adopting older children in Tennessee

Welcoming a new member into the family is, needless to say, an exciting time. Yet depending on the age of the adopted child, adjusting to new surroundings, family members and lifestyles can bring about much confusion. Most parents are aware of this fact and welcome it along with the adoption process, acknowledging that a smooth routine simply takes time. However, some Tennessee parents find it harder to help a new child adapt to a new -- and often overwhelming -- environment. 

Adopting a foster child

If you have ever known someone who has acted as a foster parent for a child in Tennessee, you know the truly special gift that they give to the child. At the same time, foster parents often indicate that they receive much from their foster children as well. Many people actually end up adopting from within the foster care system. In some cases, adoptive families may have actually fostered the child before legally adopting the child.

Mom concerned over son's apparent indoctrination

Child custody is already a very sensitive issue that divorcing parents in Knoxville have to deal with. When similarly sensitive matters like the religious upbringing of children is thrown into the mix (particularly when parents have conflicting views on faith), relations between them can become hostile. State law requires that parents work together to decide upon important matters such as religious, athletic and scholastic pursuits, yet successfully making such decisions together may be difficult. As religious beliefs can have a profound effect on one's emotional and mental well-being, many may view one parent trying to aggressively indoctrinate a child as being potentially harmful. 

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