Orders Of Protection In Tennessee

Domestic violence, also referred to as domestic assault, is not only frowned upon in Tennessee, it's also illegal. Defined as abuse inflicted on a person with whom you are in a relationship, domestic violence can lead to criminal charges against the aggressor as well as a civil legal action brought on by the victim or those related to the victim.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or abuse and need protection from your aggressor, you should know that you may be eligible for protection through an order of protection, also referred to as a protection order. This court-ordered document prohibits an individual who is hurting you from coming within a certain distance of you or making contact with you. These court orders may be sought by both sexes as well as a third party.

How Attorney Meghan A. Bodie Can Help

My name is Meghan Bodie, and I understand how sensitively protection orders need to be handled. This is why I represent clients who are seeking court orders as well as those who are facing them. I listen to my client's side of the story and make sure the court is aware of all the facts before issuing an order of protection.

If a client needs to file a petition with the court, I go with them and help prove why the allegations are founded. I'm by their side every step of the way, including during the hearing process. If my client is the one being served an order of protection, I advocate on their behalf and show the court why they should not be facing such allegations.

Orders Of Protection For Children

If a child is being abused, neglected or is believed to be in danger, an order of protection may be sought by a third party. In such cases, evidence and applicable testimony is required. The services of a lawyer may be obtained as well to help present the facts more effectively as well as protect the best interests of the child.

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Protection orders are delicate legal matters that need to be addressed carefully and with the help of a lawyer. I, Meghan Bodie, will make sure they are handled correctly and that you and your rights are protected. To obtain my services, contact my Knoxville office by calling 865-643-8626 or by sending me an email. I handle family law cases in Knox County and surrounding areas, and I am licensed to practice in Alabama if necessary.