Providing Compassionate Legal Counsel To Your Family

Without a doubt, you will encounter some of the most emotionally charged issues in the area of family law. As a practicing lawyer for more than six years, I've seen the pain caused by divorce and the joy of a successful adoption. I know what can happen if individuals or families let their emotions control the situation and the harm this inevitably does to the parties involved. That's why I'm proud to represent people in Tennessee and stand as their voice of reason during challenging family law matters.

I pride myself on helping individuals and families resolve their family law issues in a reasonable and amicable way. I do this first and foremost by working closely with my clients and the other parties involved. I keep the lines of communication open and address issues quickly before they escalate out of hand. If negotiations break down, I will act as a litigator and push for an outcome everyone can agree on.

Though I will always do what is best for my clients, I will also do what is best for their children. I care about preserving the integrity of families, and I make that evident to all of my clients.

My Education And Experience

After graduating from Emory & Henry with a degree in political science, I went on to attend Samford University's Cumberland School of Law where I received my Juris Doctorate. While studying for my J.D., I interned with the Alabama Attorney General's Office and the Tennessee Supreme Court, gaining valuable legal experience I use regularly.

Before passing the bar in 2010 and establishing the Law Office of Meghan A. Bodie in Knoxville, Tennessee, I worked as a law clerk for the Honorable James P. Smith in Huntsville, Alabama, where I am also licensed to practice.

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My Commitment To Families And Their Children

Because of my experience handling juvenile cases, I know the strain legal issues put on children. I make sure their voices get heard during the legal process and that their rights are just as protected as an adult's are. I provide straightforward, compassionate advice that comes after careful thought and personal consideration.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment with me, attorney Meghan Bodie, contact my Knoxville office today. I'm available through email or by phone at 865-643-8626. Free initial consultations are available.