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Important differences between private and public adoption

Knoxville parents who want to expand their family through adoption will have two options available. The first is private adoption, and the second is public adoption. Both have their own potential benefits, and both can be suited for different families and lifestyles.

Foster parents need resources

Foster child adoption and private or agency adoption are similar under Tennessee law, but the circumstances and events surrounding the adoption of children in foster care often present unique challenges. According to a recent Huffington Post article, many states, including Tennessee, show an increase in the number of children who need foster care. The rise in need may correlate with the opioid epidemic. The report showed that nationally a large number of foster parents often decide they no longer want to participate in foster programs. Some complain of inadequate training and instruction in connection with foster care. Others simply describe circumstances that are too difficult for them to manage.

Appellate court ruling keeps girl with adoptive family

Those in Knoxville that are familiar with Kenutcky's foster care system and the adoption process as a whole likely know that it is anything but simple. Ultimately, however, those participating in it hold out the hope that the circumstances will align to allow kids that need homes to be adopted by loving families looking to take them in. Yet even in some rare cases, an adoption may not signal the end of this process. A number of different issues may arise that can cause family courts to reopen cases and potentially remove children from the homes they have come to accept as their own.

What is a subsidized permanent guardianship?

While the Tennessee court processes can be long and the qualifications particular, adding another child to your family can bring an immense amount of joy that makes the effort worth the reward. Some situations are typical, with parents seeking to adopt or foster a child, while others may be more complex. One less common way of becoming a parent is through a subsidized permanent guardianship.

How can adoptive parents prepare their home?

When Knoxville parents like you decide that adopting a child is right for your family, there are many other steps and processes that follow after the initial decision. Even after you've finished with planning out the big important things like finances, it still leaves equally important matters like preparing your home to be as welcoming as possible to the new addition.

New laws could affect same-sex adoption

A new controversial bill was passed by the Tennessee Senate recently. U.S. News reports that the bill, which would require state law to be interpreted in the “natural and ordinary meaning,” was passed with a 23 to 6 vote in the state senate on April 27, 2017. A different bill asking for similar interpretation of the law, where words are not interpreted in a more inclusive manner than was written, explicitly stated familial terms such as “mother,” “father,” “husband” and ‘wife” needed to use their ordinary definition. The bill came in response to a child custody case concerning a same-sex couple, which raised similar interpretation issues.

The importance of support for a single adopting parent

Single men or women in Knoxville may not have any desire to get married, but they may still wish to raise a child. While single-parent adoption is in fact an option that is available for single parents to consider, there are a number of other facets that the prospective parent needs to take into consideration as well.

Basics of stepparent adoptions

If you are a Texas resident who is interested in adopting your stepchild or who has a spouse that would like to adopt your biological child, you will want to carefully assess your options and the situation. Certainly the desire for a stepparent to adopt a stepchild can be one filled with great emotion as it is generally seen as a very loving and warm act. However, it is also a legal action and should be regarded as such.

Strategies to make it through the adoption process

Adopting a child can be one of the most joyous and fulfilling experiences of your life. It can also be overwhelming, impossibly complicated, extremely time-consuming, and downright scary. You will be subjected to a home study, an intense background check and fingerprinting. However, in the end, once the long process and endless wait is over, you will finally be able to bring the newest member of your family home.


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